For details, referrer Membership rules

OSGeo distinguishes 3 different membership levels:

Participant, Member, and Charter Member.

OSGeo structure according to Arnulf Christl


  • Anybody can be just participant


  • Still self-declared
  • on the Wiki
  • no voting rights (just general polls)
  • opt-in

Charter members

  • must be voted into this category by the other Charter Members
  • have the right to vote in elections for other Charter Members, and for Board Members.
  • can be elected as Board Member

Being a member

As a Member of the Foundation, you are expected to act in accordance with the goals of the Foundation. You are expected to act in a professional and responsible manner. You are expected to treat your fellow members with respect and courtesy. Foundation activities are to be undertaken in a spirit of open discussion and consensus.

Membership howtos

Howto become a Member

It’s described in the Wiki

  1. Request OSGeo Wiki Account if you do not have already.
  2. Go to Create or edit membership page
  3. Enter your user page, e.g. user:jachym
  4. Fill the details in the form
  5. Save and done - you will appear in the user map as well as in the list of members.

From now on, you are recognized as official OSGeo Member.

OSGeo currently has 1219 members (summer 2019)

Howto become Charter Member

You can become Charter Member by

  1. You have to be nominated by other Charter Member
  2. You are then confirmed by the annual Charter Member election (usually before FOSS4G) See

(0. Pick Charter Member(s) you want be nominated by and invite them for a beer)

(Refer to the membership process Wiki page).

A Charter Member can be

  • person, who have already made a contribution to open source geospatial software, data or education.
  • should be willing to put in time and effort on Foundation activities
  • should believe in the general goals of the Foundation
  • should be prepared to works constructively and positively towards the goals of the Foundation. Good teamwork skills are an asset.

OSGeo currently has 427 Charter Members (summer 2019).

Members increased within the thirteen elections – animated Image by Jorge Sans