Board and Officers

Board of directors

OSGeo executive body is call the Board of Directors.

The Board has 9 members, they are elected every 2 years, always half of it.

Members of the Board are spread around the world

As for now (summer 2019), the members of the Board are


Curent members of the Board

Board organisation

The main resource is the Wiki.

For all the motions, the Board uses the Loomio service. Generally the voting period of time is one week.

For actions and issues, the Board uses custom Issue tracker.

For the Board meeting, traditionally we use IRC. The meeting takes place regularly last Monday of the month from 16.00 UTC.

There are also occasional face-to-face meetings, usually organised during conferences (there is one at this FOSS4G as well).

You can always join the Board meeting. You can always check the voting results. You can usually participate at the Board’s meeting actively (although hight level of discipline is needed, since the meeting is having it’s agenda, people are spread around the world in different time zones).

And of course, there is the Board mailing list

Howto become Board Member


This chapter belongs to organisation/management

Step 1.
Become Member
Step 2.
Become Charter Member
Step 3.
Be active, communicative, productive, nice to others …
  1. Accept nomination from other Charter member(s)
  2. Be elected
  3. Enjoy

Beeing the Board Member

The board’s primary responsibility is to efficiently and effectively make strategic decisions related to the running of OSGeo.
Payment (lack of)
Directors are not paid for their service (bylaws section 3.4), but director should not be out of pocket when working for the board.
Time Commitment
Directors should expect to spend 4 to 12 hours per month of their spare time on board activities.
Monthly meetings
Directors should attempt to attend all board meetings, which happen once per month, for ~ 1 to 1.5 hours.
Face to face meetings
OSGeo Directors often attend conferences such as FOSS4G as part of their professional or personal interest, and these offer an opportunity for board members to meet face-to-face.
Email list
Directors should monitor and contribute toward discussions on the board email list, and aim to vote on motions within 2 working days. There are typically a dozen email topics, absorbing ~ 2 hours reading/writing per month.
Directors should be prepared to represent OSGeo locally, possibly internationally, typically by presenting or working an OSGeo booth at conferences, in line with our OSGeo Advocate program.

Board officers

  • President: María Arias de Reyna
  • Vice-President: Helena Mitasova
  • Vice-President: Angelos Tzotsos
  • Vice-President: Jeff McKenna
  • Treasurer: Michael Smith
  • Secretary: Astrid Emde