Local Chapters

Local Chapters are the place you can connect with other OSGeo members in your country, region or language.

There are over 60 local chapters registered in the wiki

Howto start local chapter

  1. Review Local Chapter Guidelines to make sure you understand what a Local Chapter does and should look like.
  2. Start a wiki page for this local chapter. Link it from the local chapters page: http://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Local_Chapters
  3. Join the OSGeo main Discuss mailing list and introduce the idea there.
  4. Once you get a critical mass of people or need a better forum for regional discussion, we should create a mailing list for you.
  5. Official OSGeo Local Chapter is recognized by the Board
Does Local Chapter be official legal entity?
No! Just group of people around mailing list and wiki will do. Timew will show, whether forming legal body will help for your local activities.