OSGeo Projects

The OSGeo Projects are freely available tools and technologies under an open source license, which are recognized by OSGeo as stable and mature, with stable community.

Content Management Systems
  • GeoNode
Desktop Applications
  • Marble
  • gvSIG Desktop
  • QGIS Desktop
Geosp atial Libraries
  • GeoTools
  • Orfeo ToolBox
  • GEOS
Metadata Catalogs
  • GeoNetwork
  • pycsw
  • OSGeoLive
Spatial Databases
  • PostGIS
Web Mapping
  • MapServer
  • MapGuide Open Source
  • mapfish
  • deegree
  • Geomajas
  • OpenLayers
  • GeoMoose
  • Mapbender
  • PyWPS
  • GeoServer

What does it mean, to be OSGeo Project

This means, that an open source geospatial-related project had to go through the incubation process. During this process, community around the project has to make sure (based on the incubation checklist), that the project meets following criteria:

  • Openness
  • Clear and open Copyright and License
  • Described and stable decision and other processes
  • Documentation
  • Release Procedure
  • OSGeo Committees and Community (formed Project steering committee)
  • Marketing
  • Connection to other projects

Basically it means to clean licenses, formalize processes and form the Steering Committee.

Longest project in incubation: PyWPS - 9 years

Some never incubate.

Is OSGeo providing software certification?
Kind of. Making sure, that the community is open and stable.

OSGeo Community projects

Maybe your project is too small. Maybe the community is not big enough. But you still want to affiliate your project to OSGeo.

Then it probably belongs to the community projects

OSGeo Community Projects are software projects that:

  • Have an open source license.
  • Welcome new contributors.
  • Are in the process of building their developer and user communities.
  • Are in the process of working on project governance, documentation, and marketing.

One day, your project may approach the full incubation.

  • Geoinformatica
  • GeoWebCache
  • MapProxy
  • pgRouting
  • Portable GIS
  • Postal Address Geo-Coder
  • Proj4php
  • Pronto Raster
  • Virtual Terrain Project
  • Loader